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By: Anicare  05/12/2011
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Additionally, we may also recommend running a pre-anaesthetic blood test in order to detect any abnormalities that may complicate surgery.  These tests also help us to employ an anaesthetic protocol that is specifically tailored to your pet. We use isoflurane gas anaesthesia for all surgery procedures, which is extremely safe for all patients, particularly geriatric and exotic pets.

During anaesthesia and surgery your pet will be monitored at all times by a veterinary nurse. Your pet’s comfort and safety are a priority and we endeavour to minimise any stress or discomfort associated with surgical procedures. Appropriate pre-med sedation is administered before surgery to minimise anxiety for your pet.  We always use excellent pain relief tailored to the surgery being performed to help reduce or eliminate post-operative pain, and most owners are surprised at how happy and bright their pets appear on the evening of surgery.

Inappropriate or unnecessary use of antibiotics has been shown to contribute to the problem of antibiotic resistance.  For this reason, we do not use antibiotics for routine aseptic surgical procedures.  Our excellent hospital hygiene standards and pre-operative preparation of both the patient and the surgeon render the use of such antibiotics unnecessary.

Post-Surgical Care

Your pet recovers more quickly from surgery when he or she is not in pain. We may administer pain medication to your pet before, during and after surgery.  We may also send pain medication home with you when you bring your pet home after the procedure.  Occasionally pets will require Elizabethan collars to prevent them from chewing or licking excessively at the surgical site, but in most cases these are not required.  Most pets can go home on the same day as their surgery.  A vet or nurse will provide you with discharge instructions, and for most procedures we will follow up to check on your pet’s condition and remove the sutures from the surgical wound. The cost of these revisits is included in the surgery price.

Keywords: pet, Surgery, Vet Clinics

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