Internal Medicine and Cardiology

By: Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital  05/12/2011


Since 2006, we have offered a specialist internal medicine referral service, based at our hospital. We can offer work-up of the most complicated cases. More routinely, we are able to offer gastroscopy (scoping for stomach ulcers), colour-flow Doppler echocardiography (determination of the size, structure and blood flow through the heart with ultrasound), respiratory work-ups (problems of the throat or lungs), neurological examinations and skin diseases.

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Surgeries routinely carried out at the hospital include wind surgeries (Hobday, Tie-Back, Tie-forward, soft palate laser and others), arthroscopy (key-hole surgery of the joints), rig castrations, sinus surgery, angular limb deformity surgeries (to straighten foals' legs), reproductive surgery, hernia repair and many others. We offer a full range of equine surgery.


Intensive Care and Foal Medicine

We are able to look after the sickest patients, including horses with colic, colitis, pneumonia and pleuropneumonia, neurological problems and bone or muscle injuries. The practice has offered a specialist critical care service. We have 24-hour onsite nursing with veterinary back-up.