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By: Angel Whispers  05/12/2011

Today 11/11/11 is about alignment. Alignment with what? Alignment with the most important question you have. Who you are & why you’re here.

So it’s about everything about you:

Your Career

Your Relationships

Your Health

Your Finances

It’s about bringing all of you & your life into alignment with who you are – your authentic self – Your authentic way of living.

It is a time to allow the light of love to shine on all that is pulling you out  of alignment – away from who your truth, away from your destiny. It is about releasing you fears,

 letting them fall away, freeing you up to be more of who you truly are, and less of who other people want you to be for them.

When you do this you feel much lighter and excited about you and your life. You will begin to claim and really committ to you.

That’s what you’re here for. This is your purpose. The more you do this clearing out of old baggage and fear patterns & behaviours, the more you become aligned with

your destiny, you dream, your hearts desire.

And you know what – that is God’s dream & delight too.  This is alignment – then you find your dream is God’s dream!.

Be good to you.

Coming Home is about coming home to………… yourself.

Feeling lost & overwhelmed often appears to have everything in your “outside” world, all that is happening – so many changes all happening so so fast. While things are changing rapidly the real feelings of overwhelm & lostness have more to do with you “inside” world. And believe it or not this is good news. Why is it good news? Because there is very little you can do about the outside world except wear yourself out trying to control the uncontrollable .But your inside world, well that’s a totally differnent domain. In this domain you have total charge. You and you alone can be master of your own domain, your  inner world, your own inner space.

Wouldn’t it be a relieve to live from this empowered space where you are Master and in charge of you. You make decisions and these decisions create your outside world. Decisions about your Relationships, your Career, your Health & your Wealth.

But why are you not doing this already?

The reason why very few people live out of this empowered inner self is that they are” locked out”.

This is not to say that you willingly locked yourself out of your own ‘House’ so to speak.

The lock out unconscious and it happened over time.

When you were very young you modelled the adults arround you. You were like a sponge absorbing everything. After all, you just landed in this strange place and had to learn everything from scratch. If you have young children or are around them you will see this being acted out. Young children literally mimic their parents – often to the embassasment of the parents.( I recently saw a mother chringe when her little 4yr old daughter was playing mammy’s and daddy’s and the little girl spoke to the children as her mother spoke to her - with a threat!)

We all learned this way, as did the people you minicked. That’s intergenerational conditioning. That’s one of the ways that habits behaviours and ways of thinking get handed down through the generations.

Then you have the rules and regulations of the society and culture that you were born into. These help form how you behave in life. School & Church would have a huge influence here.

All of these are outside forces, well meaning in their intention but they seldom take an interest in you and what you want and what you have to contribute to the world. More often than not these outside forces are interested in the control, controling your behaviour and the behaviour of everyone.

This is where we can get lost. We can get lost in the general run of things and get lost in the masses and the daily grind.

We become slaves to work, family, banks, and just keeping our heads above water.

And when you do dare to dream and try to step out of the rat race day to day slog you are qucikly pulled down with ‘who so you think you are’ ‘what makes you any different’?

But that’s just it you are different and somewhere deep down you know this. The pain is that noone else believes or sees it.

You are unique there is no one else like you – there are a lot of humans who look and act like you but there is a part of you that is not ‘them’.

You are a unique individual with your hopes, your dreams, your pain, your desires.

This sense of lostness is  your soul calling you home.

Calling you home to who your uniqueness.

So that you claim it out and own it and let it shine in the world.

Becasue again the good news! That’s why you’re here! That’s why you come to earth in the first place.

You came with your gift.

That gift is for you and its for the world.

When you come home to yourself, you find that you’re whole world, your life is wrapped up in that gift.

That means that finding your gift is essential to finding your life.

Up until now you have been living the life that others helped create for you for good or bad.

But now your soul is calling you home, home to you, the one and only unique you.

Decide today to become the master of your own life and destiny.

Come home to you- take charge of your life.

Create the life you want to live.

Create your life from the inside out!

First step: Make a date with yourself

 to listen to you – to listen to the prompts of your soul.  Create a space so that you can easily enter you own inner space. Use a comfortable chair, light a candle, put on soft music. Bring in colur in whatever way you can. Allow yourself to rest and gather yourself – your thoughts – your feelings – your aches – your pains – listen to your body. ( You don’t have to be in this space to listen and tune into your souls whispers – you can tune in anytime by noticing what is going on in you)

Step Two: How Do I listen to my soul?

 Tune into your feelings – what is the recurring feeling – Listen to the feeling – what is it telling you – what is the message it has for you – that’s why it’s there – that’s it purpose.

It’s purose is not to hurt you or cause you pain. Feelings are are neutral – they are messangers of the soul.

What is the image that comes to mind. Take note of it. Soul speaks clearly in images, just like in dreams.

Dreams are like a letter from your soul.

Step Three: Journal it – write it out – date it – take note of things that happen during the day. Your soul is talking to you all the time. It normally speaks in whispers – because what it has to say if for you. But if we go on ignoring the message and the message has to be heard – it will gradually become louder and louder.

Do these 3 simple steps regularly and you will begin to notice a recurring message and soon you will find it easy to tune into you. You will become more and more at ease with your inner self. You will grow this wise inner self. This is where you will get the answers and guidance that you need in life.

Enjoy your inner space – enjoy being with you.

Discerning the wisdom of the soul will be the next episode!

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It’s time to tune out for a short while to regroup – take stock – move forward with direction. Your whole life will benefit, relationships, finances, career, health and well being. Take the time to take care of you – body mind and soul. Looking for direction out of all the overwhelm. Lost in all the constant changes and bad news. We are living in difficult and changed times. Uncover the good news in you and your life.


healing : Angel Whispers/healing/workshops/creating/spiritual/soul/joy

It is a time to allow the light of love to shine on all that is pulling you out of alignment – away from who your truth, away from your destiny. It’s about bringing all of you & your life into alignment with who you are – your authentic self – Your authentic way of living. The more you do this clearing out of old baggage and fear patterns & behaviours, the more you become aligned with. Your destiny, you dream, your hearts desire.