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By: Analyze Iq  05/12/2011
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Analyze IQ Predictor is ideally suited for:

  • Real-time process monitoring
  • Portable instrumentation
  • Specialist applications
  • Materials validation & anti-counterfeiting
  • Routine analyses by non-chemometricians

Package & Deploy Expert Knowledge

Analyze IQ Predictor's unique advantage is that it allows you to package and deploy expert knowledge, since chemometric models that have been expertly constructed and validated by analysts can be deployed in fielded applications, where they can be applied automatically or by end-users without chemometric training.

Because it is based on Analyze IQ Lab's industry-leading chemometrics, Analyze IQ Predictor provides rapid and accurate chemometric analyses, and it scales well to handle complex combinations of materials and tests. Therefore, third-party products can benefit from Analyze IQ Lab’s fast and accurate results, to perform fully automatic analyses without any intervention by the end user: no review of results, no spectral subtraction, just a rapid response.

Analyze IQ Predictor produces exactly the same results as models that are analyzed using Analyze IQ Lab. These models are in the form of a binary software code; this eliminates risk of errors in transfer or transcription of model information. The models embed within them the information about spectrum start and end, number of points, and preprocessing applied, and spectra to be evaluated are automatically preprocessed correctly.

Scalable from Embedded Devices to Servers

Because of its design, Analyze IQ Predictor is a scalable solution:

Analyze IQ Predictor is typically configured to run as a separate process from the client’s software, and the two software programs interact using standard inter-process communications. This design allows Analyze IQ Predictor to interact with client software developed using virtually any PC-supported software development framework and programming language. It can also be configured to run as a service.

Please if you would like to evaluate Predictor. We will provide you with:
  • Predictor Setup File
  • An evaluation license
  • User Guide
  • Sample models
  • Sample code for communicating and interacting with Predictor.

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