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By: Ame Facades  05/12/2011

"The term 'Partnering' is a label used for a variety of innovative approaches to managing relationships between organisations."

These arrangements have one thing in common - an intention to move beyond the limitations of traditional project relationships. Partnering is not another new form of contract nor a new way of relating between people. It is a different way of structuring business relationships.

The development of an integrated supply chain working together in a collaborative manner delivers benefits to the project and the individual team members.

Successful supply chain management will:

- Add value
- Reduce costs
- Enhance quality
- Trigger InnovationĀ 
- Deliver optimum solutions

We have established supply chain partnering agreements with key subcontractors and suppliers including, to which our supply chain strategy has defined objectives:

- To treat our supply chain members as genuine partners
- To achieve early involvement of the supply chain
- To partner all supply chain members who have a design input
- To involve the supply chain in our value engineering and planning processes
- To agree key performance indicators with our supply chain partners

Other products and services from Ame Facades


AME facades ame UK Facade Designers

The company possesses an unrivalled degree of technical and design expertise and has established itself at the forefront of innovation and quality in the field of engineered facades."Encapsulating this philosophy, we now offer a through wall design service to clients, including.


AME facades Metal Rainscreen & Metal Rainscreen Systems

The air barrier may be a layer of plaster or render on the inner face of a blockwork wall, a continuous polythene sheet affixed to the outer face of a plasterboard dry lining, or the insulation trays in an integral wall construction. Metal rainscreens can be manufactured from the following: Aluminium Rainscreen, Copper Rainscreen, Zinc Rainscreen, Stainless Steel Rainscreen, Steel Rainscreen and Corten Rainscreen.


AME facades Metal cladding and exterior facades

Composite Honeycomb Cladding Panel System.: Composite Honeycomb Panel System.: 2-3mm Single-Skin panel system for Perforated Panels. KME Architectural offer a diverse range of metal facade products to suit most elevational grids. High Specification Modular Cladding System: Cost Effective Modular Cladding System.


AME facades Option3 Composite Metal Raincreen System

Successfully applied to cost driven building projects Option 3 Rainscreen allows cost certainly to be achieved (via honeycomb technology) in high value substrates (Copper, Zinc & Stainless Steel), and to value engineer standard 2-3mm Aluminium Rainscreen products. Panels are directly fixed into a variety of secondary frames, allowing flexibility of integration.


AME facades Copper Cladding, Copper Rainscreen

Steel: Corten / PVDF / Prisma / Plastisol - Aluminium: PVDF / Post Coated / Anodised / Polyester- Stainless Steel: All Polishes / ALl Brushed finishes / All Patterned finishes - Zinc: Natural / Weathered- Copper: Natural / Weathered. The system, with the incorporation of an aluminium core structurally bonded between two lightweight metal skins offers a range of unique, sustainable features:- Multi metal finishes.