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By: Amdex  05/12/2011
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ResManager is a general-purpose and generic reservations system designed for all businesses in the travel and tourism industries. ResManager is a multifunctional packaged product and in a single form is suitable for almost any type of business in these sectors including travel agents, package tour operators, incoming tour operators, ground handlers, airlines, conference organisers, flight seat consolidators, tourist hire companies such as car and boat hire, tourist accommodation providers and tourist and travel marketing companies. ResManager will handle any type of booking from predefined packages, ad hoc tours and groups to one off bookings. It will also manage any type of product or service including flight seats, hotel rooms and apartments, holiday homes, boat and car hire, transfers, travel insurance, excursions, transfers, lunches, meet and greet and so on.

ResManager has a range of parameters to fully control the sale of allocations of any product such as hotel rooms, flight seats, holiday homes, apartments, caravans, etc. At it simplest level, ResManager will control the sale of these allocations to ensure that no over-bookings occur. Advanced controls over allocations can be established to limit sales by tour-around day or by package duration. These controls, when used appropriately, can maximize the revenue earning potential from your allocations.

All selling and purchase prices can be preloaded into ResManager in advance of the selling season. This enables staff to provide an immediate response to telephone or Internet inquiries with accurate and up to date price information. Its sophisticated price database will store every possible pricing structure used within the travel and tourism industries today. Furthermore, ResManager has an advanced set of controls over selling prices to maximize the revenue earning potential of your business.

ResManager has fully integrated accounting suite including sales ledger, purchase ledger and nominal ledger and requires no additional third party accounting software. The system will produce sales ledger reports such as invoices, statments and aged debtor reports. On the purchase side ResManager can produce aged creditor and purchase invoice reports. The nominal ledger is to the trial balance stage and includes the ability to produce a balance sheet and profit and loss report. ResManager will therefore properly manage all sales invoices, purchase invoices, credit notes and their cancellations. It will also manage bank lodgments, cheque payments, credit card payments, direct pass credit card payments to suppliers, booking refunds, booking cancellations as well as the reversal of each of these operations. ResManager will manage multiple bank accounts in different currencies and can produce a bank statement which can be reconciled on screen with your printed bank statement. Having successfully done this, you are ensuring the accuracy of the system in all financial matters.

ResManager is based on Microsoft's Visual Basic .NET technology which is Microsofts development platform for Internet applications. It is currently available in a Windows based environment and will operate on any Windows 95/98/2000/NT system. The browser based version of ResManager is currently under development and testing and is expected to be released during 2004. ResManager is a fully scalable client/server product and can therefore operate on a single computer or on a network of any size with our largest installation having 200 directly connected workstations with an additional 100 concurrent Internet users. ResManager can use any ODBC compliant database from Microsoft Access in smaller sites to SQL Server or Oracle in the larger instalations. ResManager requires a minimum of Pentium III P333 MHz processors with 64 MB of memory. A single version of ResManager is used by all clients in all market sectors.

Retail Travel Agents can book the widest variety of products on behalf of their clients including scheduled flight seats, charter seats, packaged holidays, car hire, travel insurance, hotel rooms and so on. ResManager allows for maximum flexibility and speed in entering booking details and producing client documentation. PNR records can be downloaded from Galileo, Worldspan, Sabre or Amadeus and automatically imported into ResManager as a confirmed booking, thus ensuring that ResManager has indentical data to the CRS and eliminating the possibility or error. This has the further advantage in that BSP reconciliation and payment can be done without any difficulty. A wide range of management reports are available to control all aspects of the retail travel agency. Many travel agents use the full accounting functionality provided by ResManager to monitor and control the performance of the business. Business Travel Agents will book scheduled flight seats, hotels rooms and car hire and will normally deal with account clients. Many business house travel clients require detailed reporting on travel expenditure by client department, airlines used, destinations and staff member. A wide range of these client reports are available for printing directly or for further analysis through Excel or Powerpoint as a presentation aid.

Tour operators typically deal with flight seat allocations, room or holiday home allocations and various extras such as car hire, travel insurance, golf course green fees and so on. Brochures are often published containing date related price grids containing selling prices. ResManager provides a controlled environment in which these products can be sold over the counter or by phone by relatively inexperienced telephone reservations staff. Alternatively, they can be sold directly over the Internet within a well designed website. ResManager is used by weekly package holiday tour companies, by tailor made tour operators, by short "city break" tour companies and also by special interest tour companies such as sports tour operators.

Incoming tour operators or ground handlers will manage the arrival and itineraries small or large groups of tourists or travellers. The purpose of their visit can be for leisure/holiday or for business/conferences. Bookings will generally be classed as FIT's for independent travellers or as groups for larger numbers. Bookings will frequently manage detailed aspects of client itineraries including hotel rooms, visits, lunches, tour guides, coach and chauffeur etc. ResManager can be configured to control supplier payments on the basis of returned vouchers, which can be produced by the system. Furthermore, ResManager will manage the logistics involved in driver, coach and tour guide rotations.

Flight seat consolidators act as agents for long haul airlines and deal with large numbers of destinations. Flight data can be downloaded from the CRS and imported directly into ResManager as a new booking. The booking can be immediately invoiced and the invoice sent to the account agent.

ResManager is capable of managing almost any travel any tourist related booking imaginable, such as for example, car hire, boat hire, holiday home rental, caravan rental or hotel room sales and so on. Additionally, within each product, ResManager will optionally hold the actual identity of each individual product, for example, the holiday home number, the owner of that home, etc, which, before the arrival date, be allocated to that booking. Businesses such as holiday home rental companies, tourist organisations, caravan park operators, marketing groups, co-ops or by outbound travel companies will use ResManager is such a way. Almost any type of reservation can be entered into the system from a single product to a complex itinerary of any kind. The accounting modules will manage relationships with account based agents and suppliers. High quality client documentation can be produced to print for example driving instructions to the holiday home or other special documentation.

ResManager will manage all aspects of conference organising. Delegates will be able to book from a set of conference packages with various durations and hotel options. Rooming lists, manifests and other client documentation can also be printed.

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