AMCS Patientlink

By: Amcs Medical  05/12/2011

AMCS Patientlink: Protecting People at a Time When Their Awareness Might Be Compromised

What is Patientlink?

  • Patientlink is a simple, discreet system that allows patients free movement within secure and safe areas.
  • The Patientlink real time patient location system is used by medical facilities to ensure safety, and restrict access to areas with possible dangers and hazards, such as stairwells, plant rooms and exit doors. Patientlink prevents serious injuries and fatalities in the care facility.
  • Patientlink ensures peace of mind for carers and families, and dignified independence for patients. Discreet, tamperproof options are available.

How Does it Work?

  • Following hospital medical admission procedures, medical staff have the choice of using Patientlink to prevent patient wandering and possible physical injuries or death.
  • Hospital patients wear a small, discreet, hypoallergenic device and are allowed to move about safely within designated safe zones.
  • The hospital care staff decide what kind of alert or alarm should be activated in the event that a patient goes into an unsafe area such as a stairwell or hospital exit.
  • Some choices include door alarms, paging, and text messaging. When the patient returns to a safe area, the system resets itself without hospital staff intervention. The process is safe, simple to use, and reliable.
  • AMCS Patientlink means dignified independence for special care patients, and allows for care staff to focus on all patients’ needs.

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In today's Healthcare Environment, being able to measure, monitor, learn, and improve will help you, your patients, and your staff. Using RFID technology any patient, equipment, procedure, or medication can be monitored for safety and security. Using Real Time Location Systems, you can plan and utilise your important equipment, resources and staff better. AMCS Healthcare Workflow: Helping You Stay Committed to Better Care.


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AMCS Assetlink is a fully tailored, modular, and scalable asset management and location system that is designed to match your healthcare facility needs and challenges. Assetlink EAM ensures effective management, planning, maintenance and visibility of healthcare asset performance. You choose what medical equipment to track, and benefit from reliable, instant, useful equipment tracking.