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By: Amazingbirthing  05/12/2011
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What AmazingBirthing Offers

The goal of AmazingBirthing is to be part of a global shift in the birthing scene which re-assures women of their power and ability to give birth as naturally as possible, empowers fathers to grow into their new role in the best possible way and helps babies experience a peaceful, gentle and welcoming entrance into this world.

The AmazingBirthing Team is fond of prevention - prevention of negative stresses on the mother and family-to-be during pregnancy, prevention of dramatic birth experiences for the mother and prevention of birth traumas for the child that may influence emotional patterns for many years of the child's life.

Why Prevention?

Pregnancy is a time for you, as pregnant mother and father-to-be, to draw sustenance from your inner wisdom and from each other. It is a time to set your focus on the highest vision for yourself and your baby, by changing any problems and fears that you may have into positive challenges and growth.

Medically-needed interventions such as induction, epidural and cesarean section can often be seen as the outcome of a mother's stress during pregnancy or birth and are, to a certain degree, preventable.

AmazingBirthing believes in the Power of Prevention, through physical and emotional support during pregnancy. This may help future mothers and fathers to experience a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy as the best possible preparation for a comfortable, gentle and short labour.

  • Preventing fears, stress and tension which make prenatal bonding, labour and birth more difficult.
  • Preventing fears, stress and tension which may often make medical interventions such as induction, epidural and cesarean section necessary.

If you already experience fear, stress or tension - either in your body or mind- then we have some very effective ways of showing you how to balance them and bring you back to that healing state of relaxation, enabling you to enjoy your pregnancy and to be confident about enjoying a comfortable and gentle labour.

At Amazing Birthing we offer you a wide variety of services to support and help you and your birthing partner to become balanced and stay relaxed during the entire pregnancy and birth - choose, mix and enjoy any or all of our services as listed below:


AmazingBirthing Services

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