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By: Alora Consultants  05/12/2011
Keywords: energy management, Change Management, Improvement Methodologies

Alora Consultants provides consultancy and training services that enable businesses to achieve long-term sustainability by reducing costs, eliminating waste, adding value and exceeding customers’ expectations. We use a blended toolkit incorporating such proven Continuous Improvement methodologies as Lean Thinking, Lean Six Sigma and Change Management. Alora Consultants also specialises in Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Management and Energy Management. Both EHS and Energy Management are very much interwoven with the core fundamentals of Continuous Improvement. With our help, your company can achieve World Class Organisation status.

We work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs. We determine what tools and methodologies are needed for your company and how these should be deployed.

Our simple five-phase Continuous Improvement process enables us to transfer knowledge to your company so that you can become self-sufficient. You nominate a point of contact to liaise with Alora in the formulation and implementation of your initiative.

The five phases are:

•    Evaluate phase

•    Diagnose phase

•    Plan phase

•    Implement phase

•    Control and Review phase

Keywords: Change Management, Continuous Improvement Methodologies, energy management, Improvement Methodologies,

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Services | About Alora Consultants

We work with clients to deliver day-to-day improvements to process and to facilitate a long-term change in company philosophy, so that immediate improvements become the basis for new, improved best practices. We aim to exceed clients’ expectations and help them become World Class Organisations.


Strategy Management | Continuous Improvement

Short termAfter launching a Continuous Improvement program, there may be a temporary dip in performance in the short term due to the nature of change involved. Long termWhen the Continuous Improvement program has settled down into a new way of working, you should continue to see steady performance improvement.


Transformational Program Management | Continuous Improvement

Our services help clients to implement transformational programs that lead to cultural changes and robust, sustainable improvement systems. The Continuous Improvement ideas and practices need to become an integral part of ongoing company operations. A Continuous Improvement project can only be as successful as the commitment to change that motivates it.