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By: Allstar Shredding  05/12/2011
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Regular Paper Shredder Options

Depending on your company’s needs, our Paper Shredding Services can provide you with locked consoles or wheelie bins, which we can collect and shred the contents in one of our mobile Shredding trucks.

All –Star Shredding Ltd. can shred your documents cheaper than if they were shred in-house. Take the following example:

  • Our locked consoles can hold 40kg of paper.
  • It will take a standard size office shredder 5 minutes to shred approx. 1kg (Half a ream of paper) of A4 paper.
  • Therefore it would take 3 ½ hours to shred a full secure cabinet of documents.
  • This would cost over €45 for the staff time alone.
  • Our regular shredding service will cost a fraction of this.
  • Systems in place to suit small and large volumes and competitive rates.

OUR CONSOLES: 1) Under Desk Console; 2) Standard Desk; 3) Wheelie Bin console

Purge / Once Off Shredding

We, at All-star Shredding Ltd.  provide a Bulk shredding or “Once-off” service This service is ideal for businesses that:

  • Are moving premises
  • Are having a clear-out
  • Freeing up valuable space
  • Have a large amount of old files, folders, boxes and other documentation that has built up over a long period of time
  • Has a large amount of “Data Protection” affected documents such as details pertaining to wages, personnel etc.
  • Old receipt books
  • Invoice books
  • Cheque book stubs
  • Reams of old paper
  • Boxes of files and folders

Types of Consoles

As our vehicles are fitted with a custom built bin lift, the locked wheelie bin is the ideal solution for open areas such as warehouses / stores. These also come with a heavy duty locking system to ensure the contents are secure

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