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By: Aleo Print  05/12/2011
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From creative direction and graphic design right through to pre-press and printing, no matter how complex your project may be Aleo Print and Design offer a complete solution for all your print and design requirements.

Graphic Design

" Colour is memorable. Marketing research indicates that more than 80% of visual information is related to colour."

We love colour at Aleo Print and Design, each colour we use is meant to convey both tone and meaning, which is essential to influencing audiences judgements and reactions. Colour is much more than just a visual phenomenon, it's an emotional language and symbiotic tool for all designers, a strong colour palette in a visual system is one of the designers greatest tools.

'The correct colour creates the correct response'. In this tough global marketplace, it's more important now than ever to choose from your colour palette carefully, colour is the element closer to our clients and audiences subject identity. Colour provides strong visual statements that can convey our clients messages and strong visual statements can be the difference that seperates you from your competition.

Let our Adobe certified designers take your design project to the next level. After an initial consultation to get an understanding of the client's product or service, their goals for that product or service, their competitors and the target audience. We then translate that brief into a visual solution. As our society relies heavily on communication, organisations require communication which has professional visual impact. Aleo Print & Design has a creative graphics team that can assist you to achieve a visual impact that meets your communication objectives.

Web Design

Placing your business on the Internet, gives your business the potential for global exposure. No matter what sized business you are, we can cater a package to meet all your needs, and at a competitive price.

The first step to a successful web site is having a professional and functional design. We endeavour to address a balance between 'design' and 'functionality' with web sites that look good and work effectively - download quickly, navigate easily and are search engine friendly. Each site is customized to meet your company's needs and compliment your overall marketing strategy.

Aleo Print and Design will first focus on the purpose and goals of your web site by meeting with you to discuss and create a design brief. A design brief is vital to any design project, as it will provide us with all the information needed to create a great visual design solution.

Our websites consist of:

  • Visually appealing designs
  • Flash animation (animated banners, image galleries, etc)
  • Usability and Accessibility (for the visually impaired, etc)
  • HTML scripting, CSS, Javascript, PHP, XML, XHTML
  • E-mail and inquiry response forms
  • Coding and content for search engine optimization
  • Google maps, Analytics, Local Business listings, etc

We will also manage all the website hosting and domain registration services for you, making this a genuine one stop solution to getting a professional looking website online! For Web design prices


Website redesign

We can transform your tired website, into a modern cutting edge site that will impress your customers / clients and competitors.

Website Maintenance

If you need regular website updates or modifications, but you don't have the skills or the time, you should take on a monthly web site maintenance contract with Aleo. This allows you to get your website updated easily and quickly.

Domain Registration

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service which allocates space for customers to showcase their websites on computer servers that are connected to the Internet 24/7.

Servers are powerful computers that have extremely large hard drives, or an array of hard drives. Space is then rented to those who want a "website presence" on the Internet.

Every server on the Internet has a unique numerical IP (Internet Protocol) address. You can think of servers as apartment buildings with unique addresses. Each apartment unit within each building is equivocal to space rented out for individual websites. And like real apartment buildings, each unit also has an address based on "the building" in which it is located.

When you rent a space on a server then, you're setting up house on the Internet. You can be reached by a unique address (the website address), which is based on the server's address

We hold a trade account with HostIreland who are approved IE Resellers (IE Resellers are companies, organisations or individuals who have demonstrated the knowledge, experience and the expertise in managing .ie domains as agents of you, the registrant) and also manage .com, .eu, .net, etc domains as well.

Irish sites need Irish IPs. HostIreland are an Irish company with Irish IP's. A significant search engine optimization benefit!

As a an agent of HostIreland we can guide you through the application process; we will provide you with the necessary nameserver information needed for application, and we will pay for your .ie, .com etc domain as your billing agent when the renewal date arrives. as a benefit of being a trade supplier for HostIreland our rates are actually better than HostIreland's so we can offer all their benefits at a more competitive rate.

There are many different types of web hosting packages with different capabilities, contact us to discuss your options for web hosting.

Search Engine Optimisation

If your site is not search engine friendly, you might be losing a lot of traffic that you’re not even aware of. Remember, besides visitors typing in "" and backlink referrals; search engines are the only way people can find your site. Aleo Print and Design provide SEO on all our websites which are included in the price quoted, amongst others the main criteria for a well ranked website are:

URLs, Titles & Meta Data

Unique title tags, keywords, descriptions for each page - URLs, title tags and meta tag components are all information that describe your site and page to visitors and search engines. Keeping them relevant, compelling and accurate are key to ranking well. You can also use these areas as launching points for your keywords, and indeed, successful rankings require their use.


An accessible site is one that ensures delivery of its content successfully as often as possible. The functionality of pages, validity of HTML elements, uptime of the site's server, and working status of site coding and components all figure into site accessibility. If these features are ignored or faulty, both search engines and users will select other sites to visit.

Search-Friendly Text

Making the visible text on a page "search-friendly" isn't complicated, but it is an issue that many sites struggle with. Text styles that cannot be indexed by search engines include:

Text embedded in a Java Application or Macromedia Flash file
Text in an image file - jpg, gif, png, etc
Text accessible only via a form submit or other on-page action

Valid HTML and CSS

Although arguments exist about the necessity for full validation of HTML and CSS in accordance with W3C guidelines, it is generally agreed that code must meet minimum requirements of functionality and successful display in order to be spidered and cached properly by the search engines.

Information Architecture

The document and link structure of a website can provide benefits to search rankings when performed properly. The organizational hierarchy of a site can also strongly affect usability. Topics and categorization impact the ease with which a user can find the information they need on your site. While an intuitive, intelligently designed structure will seamlessly guide the user to their goals, a complex, obfuscated hierarchy can make finding information on a site disturbingly frustrating.

So it is vital from day one when building your site that all the correct procedures are followed, Aleo make sure the proper guideline are met when building your site in relation to the following:

  • Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Navigation
  • Functionality
  • Accessibility
  • Content

add in the google maps, local business lisitings and we will have your site climbing the charts in no time.

Print Services

Print Management

In print management we mean manage all of your print and design for your company, from business cards through to signage, van lettering etc, instead of you trying to source a wide range of suppliers for all your branding and marketing, we will do it all for you. The benefits are:

  • We will help you save time and money which can be used in other critical parts of your business
  • We provide years of experience in handling artwork, dealing with all aspects of the industry, ensuring quality work with guaranteed results
  • We will asssess your printing needs and determine which would be the most suitable for your budget.
  • We have a network of contacts in the industry which includes excellent quality suppliers in the different areas of the printing industry.
  • We will be your project manager, your partner throughout your marketing needs.
  • Being a printing company ourselves, we are able to avail of trade prices that are not available to companies outside of the printing industry and can avail of the best rates in the country and can pass them on to you.

Outsourcing in printing is very common in all printing companies, a large percentage of print companies if not all outsource their work. there is no one printer in Ireland that can provide every type of print service. i.e gold foil embossing, van lettering, window lettering, bag printing etc, all have their own specialists machines in their particular industry.

Aleo Print and Design can offer you our experience, over 20 years in the industry, we have built up a network of contacts who we can rely on to deliver consistently and effectively, guaranteed quality, knowing which contact can deliver time after time, and at the best possible price, giving trade rates which we can pass on to you. Give us a call if you would like to discuss this further and see how we can save you time and money without sacrificing quality.

Large Format Printing

Aleo Print and Design supply large format printing and exhibition graphics at fantastic quality and competitive prices, we supply:


  • Printing From your own disc or full graphic service available
  • standard ISO sizes A3, A2, A1 & A0
  • posters printed to your size specifications
  • indoor and Outdoor usage
  • full Matt and Gloss lamination service
  • mounting on Board, Foamex, Dibond & Corriboard
  • print directly onto canvas

Roll Up Banners

Ideal for product launches, exhibitions, sales presentations or for high impact display in receptions areas or foyers.

  • Quick, easy assembly and take down on a frequent basis.
    Light & compact in its own carrycase.
  • Versatility of roll-up banners provide the fastest return-on-investment
    of any self standing display.

Pop-Up Systems are perfect for exhibitions and large events.

  • Pop-Up Systems are the ultimate “booth-in-a-box” solution for rapidly turning an empty trade show stand into an effective marketing location for your business.
  • Award-winning design means a massive display area folds down to fit into a compact, portable case.
  • We provide a graphic replacement service for existing Pop-Up system owners to update their marketing message.

Point of Sale

We have several solutions for effective marketing of your products/ services at the point of purchase:

  • posters that can be hung beside, alongside or from above;
  • free-standing posters propped up by struts
  • adhesive-backed posters to attach to fridges, etc.
  • wobblers to attach to shelves;
  • custom-built plinths and displays.


For indoor or night-time dispay, nothing creates more attention for your marketing message than a back-lit lightbox.

We supply A2, A1, A0 and bespoke lightboxes for the perfect illuminated impact.

Poster Frames

Displaying your poster couldn’t be easier with a snap-frame poster frame. Simply open back the sides, put in your poster, replace the protective perspex and hang the display as required.

Available in A2, A1 and A0 sizes, poster frames help to protect and maintain your displays for the duration of your campaign.

Poster frames also provide a more professional method of display in keeping with your company’s image


For optimal on-street display of your posters, A-Frame Boards get your campaign into the mainstream !

Perfect for driving foot-fall to a premises or event, A-Frame Boards get your message into the heart of the action.

Graphics are easily interchangeable due to the snap-frame design.

Each A-Frame holds two posters to promote your business to both directions of traffic flow.

Mounting and Laminating

We can place your graphics on Foamex, Card, Corri-board, PVC, Di-Bond or a variety of other substrates. Matt and gloss lamination available

Pharmaceutical Folding

  • Miniature Folding of Booklets
  • Miniature Folding of Instruction Sheets
  • Miniature Folding for Pharmaceutical
  • Miniature Folding of Warranties
  • Miniature Folding of Pocket Schedules

In addition to folding, we print a wide variety of instruction manuals in all sizes at cost effective prices. Contact us today for more information and pricing!

Email marketing is the perfect tool for anyone looking to increase exposure for their products or services in a cost effective and time efficient way. Email marketing can achieve a higher response rate from your target audience over direct mail, while saving you time and money. Best of all, you can increase your conversion rate by including direct links to your website, making it easier than ever for your clients to get what they're looking for-and immediately track the results. Please contact us to enquire further about this service.

Keywords: graphic design, marketing, Print And Design, web design