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By: Airwire  05/12/2011

3G products offer up to 3.6 or 7.2 mbit/s. This is the shared speed available to all customers in the mobile cell. The upload is 384 kbit/s. On top of that, there is typically a limit of 5GB to 10GB data pr. month. Your speed varies, depending on distance to the mast and weather conditions.

Weather and distance does not have that affect to our products.

Our products have as fast upload, as download, with no limit on the amount of data and the bandwidth available within the same area is more than 10 times as much, as what 3G can deliver.

We see fair policy as the worst kind of cap, so you won't find any terms like that at Airwire either.

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More importantly, this solution offers an excellent web-interface, daily backup, anti-virus and anti-spam functionality - and the option to synchronise your data with your Nokia 9300, 9500, E- or N-Series, Windows Mobile 5, Palm or Blackberry mobile device via WiFi or GPRS/3G services. Zimbra offers full Exchange Services with Mail, Calendar, Contacts, etc. and can work with Microsoft Outlook in the same manner as Exchange does.