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By: Air Liquide Healthcare Au  05/12/2011

The selection of CPAP equipment is an important part of your therapy and not a decision to be rushed into. With our unique one month trial, we give the patient the opportunity to test the most suitable equipment – helping them adjust to the therapy and giving them flexibility in their equipment choice. Our fully-trained CPAP Therapy Consultant will set the patient up with a customised program including 3 consultations and 2 therapy support calls.

It is proven that consistent follow-up and regular feedback to both patients and physicians achieve a higher rate of compliance and therefore successful therapy.

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Following your therapy initiation, we will make sure that you receive the best possible advice to purchase/rent the CPAP machine and mask you need, as you want to get what is right for your therapy at the right price. Full warranty and technical service on all equipment sold.


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If you are using humidification, you should attempt to keep your room as warm as possible and insulate your delivery tube as much as possible, as this will prevent the chance of you experiencing rainout problems. The bottom straps should be adjusted to stop any mask leakage, if you find after your mask fitting with your CPAP Consultant that during the night you are experiencing leakage, tighten the bottom straps.