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By: Ahgwan  05/12/2011
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Content Management System (CMS)

At Ahgwan we know from experience that websites need content updated on a regular basis. Our web based content management system will allow you to alter the content on your website at will as often as you like, so you take complete control of your own site.

Our CMS is based on the award winning and extremely well supported open source Joomla! system. We have customised it to give you an easy to use, yet secure and powerful system to manage your site and its content.

Joomla! is used by thousands of individuals and businesses to maintain their website and is supported by a large community of developers around the world.

Our CMS is ideal for 'non-technical' users. If you are able to use a text editing program such as Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer you will be able to use our software.

Our CMS allows you to create, edit, manage, publish content and adapt your website as you wish. The ability to upload images and edit or add text to web pages will help ensure your website is up to date and your content is kept fresh, encouraging users to return to the site.

Updates are instant and this is an ideal solution for clients who are keen on keeping their website interesting and up to date.

Updating your site regularly with our CMS has great advantages as far as your search engine rankings are concerned. All search engines like to see that websites are updated regularly and favour sites that alter their content on a regular basis.

We will also provide you with a number of useful tools within your CMS that enable you to maintain and improve your search engine rankings.

Our CMS features include:


  • User Manager – Stay in full control over who has secure access (and their level of access) to both the CMS and the website. For the CMS you can assign Manager, Administrator or Super Administrator roles. For the website you can assign Registered, Author, Editor or Publisher access to any of your content and set up multiple user groups.
  • Admin Overview - See who is logged in, what your most popular content is, view the latest content to be added to the site and who added it.
  • Trash Manager - Deleted items are stored in the trash and can be recovered if required.
  • Help - Online help library for each section of the CMS.

Site Control

  • Front Page Manager - Control which items and content go on your home page.
  • Menu Manager - Setup and manage multiple menus. You can define the order menu items appear, restrict access to certain pages for certain users or groups, add, rename, and move items to other menus and more.
  • Page Manager - Create new sections and categories and add items of content to anywhere on the site. Preview pages before publishing and control the publishing dates.
  • Meta Data - Add Meta data (keywords & description) for each item of content. This will allow you full control over the webpage titles and the hidden Meta data stored in every web page. Change key information to optimise your search engine listing.
  • Media Manager - Manage all media used on your website including ads, video clips and Word documents. You have the ability to create folders and upload, move, edit and delete files.

There are many modules available for you to add to your system, from help desk systems, to project management tools, to donation modules, to wiki's, news tickers, social bookmarking and blogs etc.

The system comes with some pre installed modules including:

  • Content Editor - Easily create and edit content using the built in text editor which gives you full control over formatting of text.
    • Cut and paste from other documents (such as Word) and keep all formatting.
    • All your images are stored and can be organised into folders.
    • Content can be split over multiple pages.
  • RSS Feeds - Using the RSS module you can easily add feeds to your site. There are a lot of companies who provide their content as RSS feeds - such as news headlines from the BBC.
  • Contact Manager - Add a directory of contacts and contact forms which can be published to the site.
  • Search - Allow users to search the site content. The search terms they use can also be logged.
  • Syndication - Syndicate the content on your site as an RSS feed for other users to receive.
  • News – Add, edit or delete news items, publish to the homepage, archive and copy.
  • Polls - Add, edit or delete voting polls.
  • FAQ’s - Add, edit or delete and categorise faq items.

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