By: Aeropay  05/12/2011
Keywords: market research, remuneration

Running an airline or charter operation has many complex aspects. Aeropay takes the pain out of one aspect which is critical to your reputation – timely, accurate, appropriate payment and invoicing of your payables and receivables around the world. Using its sophisticated network of payment vehicles, Aeropay ensures that your invoices are issued and paid on time, in the most convenient currency, and in-country in more than 80 nations. We have particular strength in developing workable solutions for fuel payments, crew remuneration across national borders, and efficient, usable payment instruments for VAT refunds to passengers who have already returned to their own countries.

One of the biggest challenges for major market research companies is the timely and correct remuneration of online panellists. Aeropay is equipped to provide immediate, in-country, local-currency rewards for valuable panel members whether they require £5 or £500.

Affiliate marketing continues to grow in popularity around the world. This growth represents exciting new opportunities as well as some difficult to master challenges such as international recruitment, address management, and compensation. Rely upon the international expertise of Aeropay to attract, recruit and compensate a fully fledged network of international uber-affiliates to your program. The difference between international success and obscurity could be as simple as the Affiliate Network Management company you keep!

Companies around the world have learned the hard way that dissatisfied affiliates can mean instant damage on affiliate blogs or worse, in the press. One of the most common topics for complaint is payment: lack of payment, incorrect payment, untimely payment. Many companies don’t realize that, for international affiliates, paying by Pound Sterling or US dollar cheque could mean a delay of up to eight weeks in payment while they wait for clearance through their local bank, and foreign cheque encashment fees of up to £25 or US$50.00. Eliminate this major source of frustration for your affiliates and protect your reputation. Simply take advantage of Aeropay’s menu of easy-to-order and easy-to-cash local currency payment solutions.

Coming soon! Aeropay looks forward to helping clients offer prepaid debit cards as a convenient option for remuneration of foreign staff members, payment of affiliate commissions and compensation for online market research panelists and more. Our programme partners are in the final stages of FSA approval.

Over the last seven years, the end-to-end cost of product returns has skyrocketed for e-commerce and mail order companies leading some merchants to doubt the long term profitability of international sales. Aeropay provides a ready solution to small, medium and large enterprises who wish to reduce the cost of international returns to their organization. Aeropay’s multi-lingual, customer focused staff is prepared to provide an à la carte menu of return logistic solutions, or one complete package depending on your needs:

  • Customer service support, as many seats as you require.
  • Return authorization and label fulfillment.
  • Product receipt.
  • Refund processing – creating a file of valid refund requests.
  • Refund issuing – issuing local-currency cheques payable at a bank in customer’s home country.
  • Product testing and product recycling.
  • Product consolidation and repatriation by ground, sea or air.
  • Comprehensive reports detailing all queries, actions, and results.
The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: market research, remuneration