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By: Aegon  05/12/2011
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You decide where your money is invested - choose from our carefully selected Core and Multi-manager portfolios and our UK Cash fund.

Our Core portfolios

There are four Core portfolios, which are built using a mix of the UK Index Tracker fund managed by BlackRock (for the equity content) and the UK Fixed Interest fund managed by AEGON Asset Management. These range from a minimum of 20% UK equity content to a maximum of 50% UK equity content.

Our Multi-manager portfolios

There are four Multi-manager portfolios, which are built from a combination of the UK Fixed Interest fund and an equity-based fund created from our Full Fund Range and selected for us by OBSR*.

Like our Core portfolios, the global equity content ranges from 20% to 50%.

*Old Broad Street Research Ltd (OBSR) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Cash fund

You can also invest in our UK Cash fund.

Please note: investment returns aren't guaranteed and although the income is guaranteed with AEGON Secure Income, the fund value isn't - so it could fall as well as rise.

Keywords: Investment Returns

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Common questions | AEGON

Investment returns aren't guaranteed and although the income is guaranteed with AEGON Secure Income, the fund value isn't - so it could fall as well as rise. The only circumstance in which the guarantees wouldn’t apply is if AEGON Ireland plc failed. In this unlikely event, the benefits from your bond may be affected. Additional payments can’t be made.


Products | AEGON International Investments

The Flexible Investment Plan is a flexible offshore investment plan that lets investors make both regular and single contributions at any time. Whether you're looking to invest a lump sum or regularly contribute to a bond, we have a wealth management product to suit. The Wealth Management Portfolio is an offshore bond that you can invest a lump sum or sums of money in.


AEGON Secure Income | Products

AEGON Secure Income guarantees your income for a minimum of 20 years, as well as providing an optional guaranteed death benefit and a guaranteed benefit potentially payable at the end of the guaranteed income period. We’ll review your fund value each month, and lock in the highest monthly fund value on the bond anniversary if it’s higher than the previous locked-in value.


Guarantee options | AEGON

Your guaranteed benefit means that, once we’ve paid you an income equal to 100% of your original investment, your fund value will be at least equal to the difference between your original investment and the highest recorded fund value. Although your fund value can go up as well as down, we guarantee that you’ll receive 5% of your original investment for 20 years — whatever the market conditions.


Charges | AEGON Secure

Whether we apply a cash-in charge or not depends on the charging structure you and your financial adviser selected when you took the plan out. It also shows our guarantee option fee where only the guaranteed income option has been selected. We give you 12 free switches a year.


AEGON Secure Capital

Investment returns aren’t guaranteed and although the guaranteed capital value is guaranteed at the end of the capital guarantee term selected with AEGON Secure Capital, the fund value isn’t – so it could fall as well as rise. A guarantee to provide a fund value of at least 100% of your originalinvestment at the end of the capital guarantee term selected, no matter what happens to the markets.