By: Advanced Butyl  05/12/2011
Keywords: Epdm Membrane, rubber membranes,

EPDM Rubber for Waterproofing

EPDM membrane can move with your Building
Elastic EPDM rubber can be stretched more than 400% and revert to its unstretched size without fatigue, in this way the EPDM membrane can move with your building / take the shape of your pond.

Withstands Extremes of Temperature
(-40°C to 110°C)
It does not get brittle in freezing weather nor soften in hot weather.

UV Resistant
EPDM rubber membranes have excellent resistance to degradation due to UV radiation.

Easy Installation and Lightweight
Installation is easy and applied cold. One of the lightest roofing materials, it is suitable for lightweight structures and puts negligible extra load on roofs to be refurbished. Thicknesses of 1.2mm and 1.5mm weigh 1.4 and 1.8 kg/m2 respectively.

Long Life
It's extraordinary resistance to aging means that the EPDM membrane has a life expectancy well in excess of 30 years.

Resistant to Root Penetration
EPDM rubber membranes have been shown by the German FLL test to be completely resistant to root penetration.

Keywords: Epdm Membrane, rubber membranes,