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By: Adl  05/12/2011
Keywords: Veterinary Practices, Lab Diagnostics, Tissue Biopsy,

About Us

ADL provides advanced lab diagnostics for veterinary and toxicologic clinical pathology. This includes:

a)analysis of body fluids and tissue biopsy specimens for diagnosis,prognosis, and monitoring of health status;

b) testing drugs and environmental samples for toxicity using methodology that Dr.Peter O'Brien has developed, validated, and published.

Specifically, we will offer:

1) Automated Biochemistry Profile of blood or other body cavity fluid featuring esoteric (non-routine) parameters;

2) Automated Hematology Profile of blood featuring novel parameters from advanced technology,

3) Microscopic Cytologic Assessment of tissue or body cavity fluid or tissue biopsy specimen, featuring automated, novel immunocytometric and morphometric parameters,

4)Automated Toxicity Potential Assessment of drug or chemical or environmental sample.

The first two assays that ADL activity is launching are cardiac troponin and

high content analysis for predictive toxicity assessment. Additionally, collaborations with veterinary practices are being established to assess the need and value of such a service.

Tests range 20-60  euros depending on number of samples, type of test and cost price.  Our current clients include large scale pharmaceutical study groups and Veterinarian Practitioners.  Some of the tests offered include:

  • Cardiac Troponin using ADVIA Centar Tnl-Ultra
  • VB12/ Folate /TLI
  • Frustosamine
  • High Content Analysis

Please call Dr. Peter O'Brien for a quote (00353 872700908 international/0872700908 local).

Keywords: Lab Diagnostics, Tissue Biopsy, Veterinary Practices,