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By: Adattsi  05/12/2011
Keywords: Energy Consumption, energy efficient lighting, Efficient Lighting

The Indus is Adattsi's latest fixture and is the first in a new line of fixtures for the European market place. The Indus Induction Low Bay fixture is constructed of high grade steel which is powder coated to a high quality rust resistant finish. The standard model comes with a tempered glass lens and has an optional recessed kit for mounting in cold rooms or garage forecourt canopies. Incorporating Induction Lamp technology for long life maintenance free operation up to 100,000 hours. 

This fixture has been developed in conjunction with a number of our European manufacturing partners and is now available in wattage's of 120 Watt,  150 watt and a slightly larger 200 Watt version. Each one will respectively replace a conventional sodium or metal halide fixture of 250 - 400 Watt and will reduce the energy consumption by over an incredible 50% and virtually eliminate maintenance. With long life and low lumen depreciation the Indus is a clear leader in the Energy Efficient Lighting market and this remarkable fixture has the versatility to be a Low Bay or High Bay, Recessed, Chain, Unistrut or surface mount, with optional Occupancy Sensors.

The Indus has been successfully installed in a number of cold storage facilities and trialled successfully in a number of forecourt canopies in petrol stations with great success. In fact the fixture was developed with these applications in mind.

Working hard to compete in an ever increasing market place Adattsi Ltd. will continue to introduce a new line of European manufactured fixtures specifically for the growing induction market over the next foreseeable future. There are many areas we see an improvement in this area and are working with a number of manufacturers to accomplish this in as short of time as possible. 

Now with a Miro 4 high grade aluminium reflector the photometrics are out of this world with fixture Efficiencies of over 90% and much better light distribution than many of it's conventional counterparts of similar construction.

The Indus induction low bay fixture is so easy to install and will come completely assembled with specified Induction Lamp and Ballast installed. Two external flanges make this an easy operation to install surface mounting and the optional recessed kit makes it easier than ever before to flush mount the unit, when required.

The IP rating of the unit is IP54 as standard with IP65 available and a polycarbonate lens option for food safe environments like food handling and processing areas, this fixture has many applications which make it an ideal candidate for fixture of the year in induction lamp circles. We have even built in an option of having the unit delivered with its own autonomous lighting control system in the form of a 10 Meter Occupancy Sensor which is built in to the unit and can be delivered with this already fitted to the unit.  If you need any other information please visit our download section where you can find further information on this and more of our products.

Keywords: Efficient Lighting, Energy Consumption, energy efficient lighting, Free Operation, Glass Lens, tempered glass,

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