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By: Activ8 Energies  05/12/2011
Keywords: solar water heating, solar systems


Installation of new solar systems

The main focus of Activ8 Energies is to supply and install new solar water heating systems.
"The long term plan of the Government, is that 12% of heating energy should be provided by renewable energy sources by 2020. A rough calculation translates this as 1/3 of all houses in Ireland having a solar water heating system installed"

- Eamon Ryan

Replacement of failed and substandard solar systems

Inevitably there will always be companies supplying cheap substandard products that are poorly installed by inexperienced installers.

We are increasingly being called into remove these bodged or failed systems and to replace them with a properly designed, quality system. Some of the systems we have removed are less than a year old. This certainly adds weight to the old proverb – If you buy on price, you’ll buy twice!

Keywords: solar systems, solar water heating

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When any solar system over heats it goes into what’s known as a state of stagnation, which essentially means that the solar heat transfer fluid within the collector has turned to steam, the pump cannot pump steam, so the system shuts down until it cools down allowing the steam to condense back to a liquid.