Product Overview - ASTREX Payment Systems

By: Acquirer  05/12/2011

With the dramatic increases in recent years in the complexity and power of national and international payment systems, the need to test your payment products to ensure conformance, reliability and performance has never been greater.

ASTREX is a world-unique product, designed and developed with the architecture and power of a full transaction processing switch, which provides you with the environment you need to test your products and services to the limit.

ASTREX can simulate any component, or any group of components, in the payment chain.

ASTREX is a comprehensive, end-to-end card payment simulation platform which runs on a standard Windows PC and provides you with an holistic view of your payment environment, helping you to create an exhaustive testing regime which can be implemented easily and rapidly.

Equally useful to any player in payment industry, from terminal developers through to large issuing host development teams, ASTREX provides you with the features and performance to help you ensure that your products and services are the very best they can be.

Testing Requirements

  • Reduce your time-to-market by a strategy of continuous testing
  • Focus internal development and testing resources with greater efficiency
  • Reduce cost and schedule overruns, saving you both time and money
  • Eliminate interoperability issues through focused testing effort
  • Implement a regime of comprehensive positive and negative testing
  • Manage an effective and efficient support team which can simulate any field issue


  • ASTREX simulates every component in a card payment network, starting from the card and terminal up through to the merchant, acquirer, network and issuer.
  • It provides you with a comprehensive testing environment that can be leveraged throughout your product and project lifecycle, from development through to test, certification and ongoing support.
  • With unparalleled audit and diagnostic output capability, analysis of the most complex problems can be carried out with ease, accelerating your support and development response times.
  • By allowing you to develop a regression database, ASTREX can help you define a framework of transactions or transaction responses which comprehensively exercises the reliability and resilience of your terminal software releases.
  • In addition to positive testing, ASTREX also lets you perform a wide range of negative and other boundary condition testing, so that you can make sure that when things get difficult, your software keeps working.


  • Speed! ASTREX uses a production switch architecture which provides you with the speed and performance of a real-time transaction processing system.
  • Flexibility! ASTREX decouples protocols from test cases, allowing you to run the same test cases over multiple interfaces.
  • Up to date! ASTREX is always up to date with the latest network and scheme compliance requirements.
  • Modular! ASTREX supports multiple interfaces simultaneously, allowing you to emulate the most complex acquiring configurations with ease.