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By: Abbey Business  05/12/2011
Keywords: vehicles, mobile phone, mobile broadband

Mobile Phones:
We stock every mobile phone available on the O2 network and also offer a wide selection of SIM-free phones to meet customer demands. Every phone is of the highest spec and standard and designed to enhance the user experience.

Mobile Broadband:
The ultimate in mobility, online access with a broadband modem offers wireless connection at home, on the train, at work or anywhere for that matter. To set up, all you have to do is slot the lightweight O2 USB modem into your laptop or desktop computer (PC or Mac) then one click and you’re away!

In many lines of business, remote access to email has become a must. At Abbey, we can set our customers up with the right device so they can retrieve their emails while on the go.

In Car Solutions:
We carry a full range of car-kit solutions, with one to match your company’s budget and requirements. Plus, our nationwide car-kit installation team has over 15 years experience in making sure you’re always reachable when on the move.

GSM Routers:
In areas where having a fixed line is either an expensive option or the network infrastructure does not exist, the CellRoute-GSM can provide fixed line functionality over the o2 network. GSM Routers also provide a switch designed to look at the digits dialled and route them accordingly, either sending them over the Mobile network or to the fixed line operator. The end result is cheaper bills for the end user.

Cost Analysis:
We understand that our customers do not necessarily have the time to analyse lengthy complicated phone bills, this is where we can help save time and staff hours. Our extensive customer relationships provide us with a reference for value in addition to giving us valuable insight into which network tariff is best suited to a particular business.

Vehicle Tracking:
Vehicle tracking provides a platform which connects and integrates moveable assets, such as vehicles with a company's existing enterprise applications. This allows more effective control to be exercised and enables costs to be reduced. In addition the software helps to ensure compliance with the increasing number of regulations applying to mobile workers and their vehicles. Information is integrated between offices and vehicles enabling inefficiencies to be easily identified and corrective action taken.

Keywords: mobile broadband, mobile phone, vehicles