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By: A C L I A N I  05/12/2011
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For that really special building, you couldn´t be in better hands. The directors of A C Liani (Yorkshire) Limited, have been involved with the construction of timber-framed buildings for over 20 years and their oak-frame partners have probably built more bespoke timber-framed buildings than any other UK company. This partnering approach ensures that the client always get exactly what he/she wants — whether it´s a traditional oak frame design or something very contemporary.

We work closely with the oak timber-frame specialists, drawing on their expertise, to help create a building that uses the timber frame to its best advantage. We use computer-aided design, enabling us to exchange plans electronically, collaborate on the same design and work to exactly the same tolerances as the timber-frame specialist. We add our design, construction and Planning expertise — helping the timber-frame specialist to make their plans a reality, without ‘cramping our style´ or interfering with the client´s vision. We can do this because we believe that no other timber-frame company can engineer timber as expertly as ours can — they regularly achieve what others do not believe to be possible; for example, they can create oak cross frames that can clear spans of up to 18.5 metres.

Few materials can match the visual flexibility of timber, especially oak. It can be used on the most traditional of designs — or incorporated into innovative buildings, often combined with modern materials such as glass and stainless steel. Oak timber frames deliver a rich beauty, creating buildings of warmth, strength and splendour.

Our timber-frame specialists allocate a team and team leader at the outset of a project and they stay with the project at every stage, so that knowledge gained on the project is always used most effectively. The same team that constructs the oak frame in the yard will build it on site — this is the only approach that will satisfy our passion for excellence and our precise attention to detail.

Many of our specialist´s oak timber frames have been part of award-winning buildings — and they have probably featured in the press and on television, on programmes such as ‘Grand Designs´ and ‘Buy, Build, Restore´, more than any other UK timber-framed building company.

Although all of our oak timber fame work is bespoke and handcrafted, it is competitively priced and is rarely more expensive than ‘off-the-shelf´ designs, which often use automated production methods and inferior products. For larger buildings especially, timber can be surprisingly cost-effective. We are always keen to encourage clients to speak to us early on in the project, as this ensures lowest cost design and cost engineering where possible. In our experience, the most successful projects are always those where we have been involved right from the inception.

A green oak timber frame (and frames made from other wood) takes less ‘embodied energy´ (the amount of energy used to extract, process, fabricate and build something) than most other building materials, so using oak/timber is a very sound ecological choice. There is of course the concern that timber is a finite resource, but our oak frame partners ensure that their supplier´s plant up to ten trees for every one used. The typical age of the trees felled is usually around forty to fifty years; since trees make their largest contribution to the environment in their first twenty years, there is little environmental advantage to felling older trees. The majority of the timber comes from the UK — both England and Scotland — and all of it comes from sustainable sources.

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