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By: A C L I A N I  05/12/2011
Keywords: building maintenance, High Definition, computer aided design

Techniques for surveying buildings have advanced rapidly in recent years and the advent of ‘point cloud´ data has major advantages, especially for complex and/or historical buildings.

With the use of a 3D scanner to provide 3-dimensional data A C Liani (Yorkshire) Limited can make an accurate copy of the original item, whether it is in the office or on site. Computer aided design software is then used to manipulate this 3D ‘point cloud´ data into a solid 3D model, which can then be used as a basis for preparing drawings and/or specifications for altering or amending the original.

High Definition Surveying offers many benefits to the measurement professional, as well as to our own clients. CAD professionals, architects, contractors, building surveyors, building maintenance managers, other construction professionals and owner/operators can all reap the cost and added-value benefits that HDS provides.

Exact copies of damaged stonework, sculptures, component parts for assembled products, for instance, or parts where the original drawings or designs have been lost, can be made.

With the use of a 3D scanner, our surveyors can accurately measure the outside facade of a building to within a few millimetres. This even includes the surface texture and joints between individual stones.

There are other advantages of using a high definition 3D scanner surveying technique; the most obvious of these is that detailed measurements can be taken from any part of the building without the need to gain expensive access until absolutely necessary.

Repeat surveys of vulnerable or deteriorating parts of a structure can be carried out at regular intervals to detect the rate of deterioration between surveys in a very economic manner.

Whole or selected parts of the structure can be isolated, viewed and rotated on the computer screen so that specific parts of the building can be discussed in detail before any intrusive inspections need to be carried out in situ.

English Heritage and the RICS have already put in place a set of standards for 3D scanner surveying and our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of topographic and measured building surveys using the latest equipment end techniques fully supports these initiatives.

With this service we can provide:

  • Development site surveys
  • Boundary surveys
  • Highway surveys
  • Car park surveys
  • Sections through development sites
  • Accurate plans for land ownership queries or boundary disputes
  • Plans for Land Registry purposes
  • Full building elevations, both interior and exterior
  • As-built 3D surveys

High Definition Survey systems can provide significant cost savings in many ways:

  • Economical as-built & topographic surveys
  • More accurate, complete as-built drawings for retrofit design projects translate into better retrofit designs. These translate, in turn, into (a) less ‘on site´ construction rework and (b) the potential ability to factory-fabricate instead of field-fabricate.
  • Reduced facility downtime due to; (a) fast, unobtrusive scene capture and/or (b) minimal field fit-up, field fabrication, and field rework thanks to accurate as-built drawings.

In addition to direct cost savings, HDS systems offer important "added value" benefits, including:

  • Faster results, shorter project cycle times, better quality results, less ambiguity - more complete, higher level-of-detail, safer data capture, unobtrusive data capture, plus ‘point clouds´ photographic imagery can be conveniently used & reviewed by others for more efficient management of projects

Leica ‘Cyclone PUBLISHER´ publishes point cloud data for ‘free´ web-based sharing and viewing allowing access from anywhere in the world. Using the Leica ‘TruView´ panoramic point cloud viewer, users can view, zoom in, or pan over point clouds naturally and intuitively. Using a simple “panoramic” or “bubble” viewer approach, you see High-Definition Survey™ point clouds on the computer screen just as if you were standing right where the laser scanner captured the scan data.

In ‘TruView´, users can extract real 3D coordinates and accurately measure distances. Results appear right on the point cloud image. Mark-ups are also easy to create, save and share with your peers, your service provider, or with clients for more effective communications.

In conjunction with the above, we are able to make inspections, prepare reports or give general advice on the condition of premises and prepare schedules of dilapidation's and negotiate them on behalf of landlords or tenants. A C Liani (Yorkshire) Limited is also able to advise on the need for other consultants' services and on the scope of their works if required.

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