1Stop Computing - Iveragh's IT Professionals

By: 1stop  05/12/2011

We at 1Stop offer a large variety of IT services based upon our extensive IT experience. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our service levels. In emergencies we can be relied on to come up with a timely solution, planned and implemented around discussions with the client to help us form a big-picture view of the problem.

1Stop will always seek to formulate a cost-effective solution to any IT problem which we are presented with and we have specialist partners in place for those exceptional circumstances when specialised equipment is needed.

Our motto is "Managed change is real evolution" and we seek to provide IT services which facilitate that for our clients and their personnel.

As technological advances are made 1Stop will always seek to be ahead of the curve as early adopters; we will be constantly upgrading our facility to retain our technological edge over the competition.